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Classification of safety glass
- Jan 20, 2017 -

1. wire cloth glass:
Wire cloth is in between two pieces of glass with film and glass cloth, this glass is first in Korea, wire cloth for glass to the bedroom sliding doors, partition and so on up to a beautiful, safe results.

2. color laminated glass:
Color laminated glass is mainly developed alternative paint glass, its practice is to use color film between two pieces of glass, colored laminated glass made out of glass more than paint and glossy, and higher safety.

3. coffee table glass:
Coffee table glass from the Shandong region, its approach is to use two sheets of glass in amber on lines between materials or laminated glass marble material, due to the coffee table glass appearance, atmosphere, and the market price, so the market is very good.

4. tempered glass:
Tempered glass is a glass attached to a layer of reinforced composites play safe and beautiful effect, its process is very simple, patterned more safety high, well received by customers, the market prospects are very broad.