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Art Glass Creates The Value Of Aesthetics
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Art Glass creates the value of aesthetics
Last year, every time the National Day, the transport of the basic ticket sold out, we sat green train, basket file ~ ~ basket file day and night! Tired body can not stop us to the pace of Xijiang Miao Village! Remember Mr. Yu Qiuyu said: "with the beautiful answer everything, see the West River know Miao Village" unforgettable is the night under the Xijiang 1000 Miao Village. It is no less than a cottage in Shanghai Evergreen City, although there is no international metropolis of the downtown, but you must not imagine, in the mountains there is such a colorful, mountain city as lively settlements. When the sun falls when the moon rises, it seems that people's lives, everything is just beginning, all kinds of shops are open business, visitors. Walking in the small stone road, kept looking around, feeling that it is a different day with the small town, the day in the Xijiang 1000 Miao Village picturesque night under the Xijiang 1000 Miao Village is a dream blurred The This "Miao Village whisper" Art Glass TV backdrop, a beautiful use of art to convey the value of family style! Creative inspiration is one of the best gifts from travel!
Appearance is often the most direct, but also the most critical, said the Buddha by the gold loaded by clothing, the living room is backed by the background wall. Today, ordinary decoration has been unable to meet people's needs, and many families are using the backdrop. Mirror background wall as a home art decoration materials, more and more applied to a variety of scenes, the entrance, living room, restaurant, bedroom, bathroom and so on.
1, TV backdrop
The TV backdrop is usually used to make up for the backdrop of the backdrop of the TV area in the home space, while playing the role of modifying the TV wall backdrop. At the same time Art Glass TV backdrop is also the most important part of the family, more to highlight the owner's taste!
2, living room background wall
Art mirror for the decoration of the living room, not only an excellent highlight of the owner's personal qualities, but also the best atmosphere of the home environment to create. Living room Art Glass TV backdrop in the big space to play a special decorative role!
3, restaurant background wall
In the restaurant using the art of mirror, simple and neat, the use of soft colors, can be brought into account the appetite, enhance the human food, not complicated and cumbersome patterns, because the restaurant space is too small. Due to restrictions on the restaurant space, so people usually use Art Glass to expand the effect of space! Art Glass mirror style diverse, noble, elegant, luxurious, more is used in home decoration, hotels, KTV, hotels, restaurants and other places, favored by the people.
4, bedroom background wall
Art Glass Mirror background wall without radiation, will not release harmful substances, but also has a sound insulation effect, especially for bedroom use. Painting Art Glass, now more and more young people, like the Western oil painting series, painted Art Glass can be better realistic oil painting color, at the same time, Art Glass backdrop in the use of the process is easy to clean, wipes gently wipe It will be very clean, moisture is not easy to deformation. Is the ideal backdrop for home life. Green is the first choice for modern home!
Art Glass decorative paintings have a lot of role, and now people are usually used for home meter box, play a beautiful decorative effect, Hefei, a fashion restaurant owner Miss Wang, came to the United States and glass, custom a lot of restaurant hanging Painting, for today's personalized restaurant, Art Glass paintings usually play a perfect personalized custom! It can highlight the unique taste of the restaurant, first of all, Miss Wang custom rest area waiting for the spring, summer, autumn and winter Art Glass decorative paintings, today in order to be said that Xiaobian and talk, triple maple Art Glass wall decoration wall paintings. This season to do such a pair of Art Glass decorative paintings, is a very good thing, thank customers Miss Wang choice, a glass of America, we will progress to a higher artistic process!