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Art Glass Into A New Darling Of Decorative Materials
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Art Glass into a new darling of decorative materials
According to the Art Glass factory Jinxi statistics In recent years, in the people decorating customers, the demand for Art Glass was 50% growth rate, Art Glass great "preemptive" to become the main trend of home improvement materials.
Decorative glass and the difference between the general glass is that it is after the extraordinary processing, the painting or engraved, color lights into one, in the projection of light under the pattern of various forms, realistic shape and natural color, ample performance Today, the introduction of natural interior decoration, seeking back to basics, shaping the spiritual theme of space. Art Glass for large square, mural, hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, office building, stadium, shopping malls, leisure and entertainment, villas and residential, TV wall, partition, screen, art ceiling, glass floor , Entrance, all kinds of doors and windows and so on. Art Glass was only widely used in hotels, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, but because of its both artistic and practical, has now gradually become doors and windows, partitions, walls, floors, ceilings, bathrooms and other home decoration materials,
From the home improvement material market as a whole, although the glass is still in a subsidiary position, but the Art Glass as a screen, wall decoration, backdrop or space partition, has become a public and home space in the great artistic expression of the wonderful material. In recent years, the people in the decoration of the customer, the demand for Art Glass was 50% growth rate, Art Glass great "preemptive" to become the trend of home improvement materials. So that an ordinary glass to achieve the ever-changing effect, after high-tech processing, worth doubled, the cost per square meter from tens of dollars can be sold for a few hundred dollars, even if the price is still in short supply. Its finished Ambilight, changing magnificent, mix, beautiful honeymoon, with the Oriental people's refined, transparent, delicate, is the ideological and emotional and artistic clever combination.
With the development of Art Glass handicrafts, glass finished color, style, pattern is also more and more rich in the home improvement market is also increasingly favored, but we all know how to choose Art Glass? Today Art Glass manufacturers Jinxi And talk to you how to choose Art Glass bar.
Point1: What is Art Glass in the end?
First of all, the Art Glass is through carving, ice, scrub emulsions, patch, hot melt and other methods to make the glass with multiple effects, like the beauty of red makeup, to crystal clear glass add a variety of style, it is more Mostly play a decorative role.
Point2: Art Glass picks with strokes
Art Glass can give your home a beautiful sense of design, it is one of the most common home improvement materials, as long as its style and your overall design of the home, is simply your home decoration sunflower Collection.
Now the market is more common Art Glass 5mm, 8mm and 12mm three forms Oh, your home to choose what thickness, depends on the Art Glass is installed in what position, if it is used to cut off, we must choose 10mm this Relatively thick material; if only as a decorative murals, you can choose 5mm or 8mm this relatively thin.
Point3: how to look at the quality of Art Glass
Glass material for the impact of the family is relatively large, especially the quality of the Art Glass is not good, I am afraid there are worries, especially the elderly and children at home, then even more to be careful;
First of all, the easiest way is to determine the permeability of the glass through its good or bad, the Art Glass against the light shaking a few times, if there is no obvious signs, is a good quality material, if there is impurities dazzling , Then it is best not to buy;
If it is used to cut off the glass, then it is best to Art Glass, so that it can better prevent accidents, Art Glass and ordinary Art Glass is more difficult to distinguish, but the Art Glass will generally have 3c logo, so In the purchase of a lot of time to pay attention to some of the.
Point4: Where does Art Glass buy, price it?
Art Glass to buy the best in the building materials market to buy, the more formal the better, it is best not to buy a treasure in what, if you really have their favorite goods, the official website to buy is the most secure way, after all, now online Of the goods or no quality assurance, consumer rights is also more difficult.