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Church Glass Art
- Jan 17, 2017 -

Church of glass making, aesthetic design and technology of high technology, especially the large glass windows of the Church are often as high as more than 10 meters or dozens of meters, very high demands on materials, technologies.

Church glass spent window of placed actually not for makes built real internal of people can perspective external, so spent window, especially large spent window, actually bear has "wall" of function, is light of wall, very beautiful of color and styling, spent window of profile in light and shadow of carved Xia into has glamorous peerless of art, it is so bright, and with some mystery, are is fine carved close, representing, does is beautiful.

Sydney's famous rose window in the Cathedral of Santa Maria, there is a very great feeling in this prayer under the Windows, listen to Bishop's sermon will make the soul soar, it is said that this wheel of flower Windows does have its special religious significance.