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Church Stained Glass In The Flower Window
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Church Stained Glass in the flower window
A cool autumn, the morning did not go out, I heard, the wind whirring blowing, alternating four seasons, turns to change, in this dream of autumn, we write down the Church Stained Glass! Church Stained Glass is also stained glass or flower window glass, is accompanied by the rise of church art and the rise! From the color of the glass into the blood into the blood red color, into the purple stone and yellow jade of the Huacai, become a group of jewels mysterious flame, strange lighting, as if the window to heaven! This is a word from the philosophy of art inside! Flower windows are most common in churches, and their designs generally include biblical stories, saints miracles, local protection legends, or literary history stories. The application of the window, now more and more, the family, clubhouse, hotel, clothing store, etc., everywhere, Church Stained Glass embodied in life is quite perfect, better interpretation of the use of Church Stained Glass widely Sex. If your home is a Chinese decoration, then Church Stained Glass as a ceiling or windows are very artistic things, if your home is modern decoration, then there Church Stained Glass, then it is more Western flavor! To create a glass, we will be one stop for you to solve!
High-end club decoration is naturally high-grade, then now you go into thousands of home cinema, ktv, hotels, hotels, why do we all choose Church Stained Glass as the main material of decoration? Club as a high-level recreational and entertainment services, its interior decoration determines the taste of the club, good decoration can usher in new customers, retain the old customers. In recent years, the building materials market, the rise of a new type of decorative materials, it is Church Stained Glass, Church Stained Glass light transmission, astigmatism and other characteristics used in clubs such as KTV and other entertainment has a very good effect, light stained by Church Stained Glass, Aggregation can create a feeling that is also true. In the clubhouse, living room, the choice of European style, pastoral style Church Stained Glass can also create a stylish or warm space environment, its good sound insulation for the partition, the background wall can be isolated from the external noise, to the private room , Meeting room with a tranquil space.
Church Stained Glass is now the new darling of home decoration, then art and glass, we separate to discuss, art, is certainly the thought and the reality of alternating there are some thought of thinking, then the glass, if there is no art, then it is an ordinary white Glass, simple, today Church Stained Glass is about the Church Stained Glass cut off the role and its beauty!
1, first of all from the "art" in the word we can see that it is the primary and most people is the most important function is decorated. Now the interior style is dominated by modern simplicity, and the stain pattern on the Church Stained Glass has become a very good ornament to avoid the room tedious.
2, cut off the role. It is part of the Church Stained Glass sliding door practicality of a performance, people buy commercial housing unit structure is mostly monotonous, but these structures can not make all the owners are satisfied with the Church Stained Glass door cut off, Of the space in accordance with their own preferences and living habits of redistribution.
3, Church Stained Glass is a major feature of the permeability, although it can be cut off, but not all separated. Now the apartment type, especially urban housing is mostly small apartment rooms, limited size, the use of glass doors can give a false impression, there is the role of expanding the interior space
This section of Church Stained Glass is a picture of a newlywed couple. Our designer, this abstract painting, Church Stained Glass is a clearer picture of the preferences and taste of modern young people!