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Fine Art Glass Brick Nine Advantages
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The face of home decoration this protracted war, early understanding of some decoration knowledge is indispensable. Art Glass tiles are now a kind of decorative material used by many people in home decoration. Art Glass tiles are made of transparent or colored glass. The products are mainly made of glass hollow brick and glass tiles. And glass brocade (mosaic), etc., the following I love my family Xiaobian told you in detail about the nine advantages of Art Glass tiles, come and learn about these little knowledge it
The benefits of Art Glass tiles:
Art Glass tiles in the decoration market occupies a considerable proportion, generally used for decoration more upscale places, used to create an array of atmosphere, in addition, due to the characteristics of glass products, for lighting and waterproof function area is also very much.
The benefits of Art Glass tiles: 1, with high light transmission and selective perspective
Art Glass tiles of high light transmission is the general decorative materials can not be compared with the art of glass brick wall with high lighting, Art Glass tiles also make the light through the diffuse to make the whole room filled with soft light, to solve the direct sunlight caused Discomfort. The sun through the art of glass brick wall to achieve the second light transmission, or even three translucent, greatly improve the indoor light environment level, Art Glass tiles can make the light spread, so that the indoor atmosphere is stable and soft.
Art Glass brick benefits: 2, energy saving and environmental protection
Art Glass tiles are sodium silicate silicate glass system, which is made of quartz sand (sio2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone and other silicate inorganic mineral raw materials melting from high temperature transparent material, is green products. Does not contain alcohol, benzene, ethers and other harmful substances; does not contain ceramic stone in the presence of radon, γ-ray and other radioactive substances, non-toxic harmless, no pollution, no smell, no irritation, not any damage to the human body The In addition Art Glass tiles do not produce light pollution, but also can reduce the light pollution caused by other substances, can adjust the layout of indoor light.
Art Glass brick benefits: 3, the use of flexible
Art Glass tiles more flexible use, the use of different specifications of the art of glass bricks can show a different combination of beauty, such as the use of art after the glass tiles, both to solve the problem of moisture, but also hazy implicit beauty. Cut off the use of Art Glass tiles, there will be separated and constantly the beauty of space. Balcony masonry Art Glass brick facade, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant can be assured.
Art Glass brick benefits: 4, sound insulation
Artificial glass brick wall air sound weight and the amount of noise correction: Rw (C: Ctr) = 38 (0: -1) dB. Single-layer Art Glass tile structure can meet the requirements of sound insulation level 5. Spacing of less than 50mm double-layer Art Glass brick wall to meet the requirements of noise level 6. As a penetrating sound insulation material, whether it is noisy road or around the factory to use, can achieve good sound insulation. Noise on the road, in the low frequency field (125HZ), can adjust to the level of quiet office, in the high frequency field (2000HZ), adjust to the level of night housing. Therefore, because the Art Glass brick structure is the ideal way to solve the requirements of higher noise.
Art Glass tiles of the benefits: 5, insulation
Single layer Art Glass brick wall thermal resistance R = 0.17m2 * K / W, single layer of Art Glass tiles thermal conductivity K = 3.1W / (m2 * K). In the summer and sunshine strong place, the use of Art Glass tiles to get lighting, the dual effect of heat insulation.