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Handle Art Glass Surface Scratches Flaws
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Handle Art Glass surface scratches flaws
It is well known that once the Art Glass and the Art Glass products are scratched, the price and value of the whole Art Glass and Art Glass products will be seriously affected. So how can we solve scratches easily and economically?
Whether the Art Glass processing industry in the production of processing caused by accidental scratches or car windshield wipers sandwiched beneath the graffiti windshield Art Glass scratch; or during the construction of tempered glass art in the transport of handling scratches caused by friction ; Or scratches in the process of cleaning the Art Glass after the construction is finished and water erosion of the Art Glass caused by acid rain or other corrosion, alkali, other stubborn attachments, and even uncivilized graffiti and destruction on the window Art Glass And so on, previously only scrapped or replaced, resulting in a huge waste of human, material and financial resources on raw materials, auxiliary materials and time.
Traditionally, scratches on Art Glass are basically polished and repaired with a wool polishing wheel and polishing powder. This method of repair can repair scratches, but the time required is too long, while the end of the repair will leave a more obvious signs of a depression. Because the shearing force of the polishing powder is relatively weak and polishing with a wool polishing wheel due to time can only be polished in a relatively small area, a relatively pronounced dent is left behind. Today's Art Glass processing industry in the face of the case of relatively shallow scratches will choose to use polishing powder repair, which is to see but can not feel or feel a little scratches that can be repaired, serious Will be scrapped or discounted.
Art Glass scratch repair is the use of special polishing machine, grinding wheel polishing wheel, a professional Art Glass polishing agent on the scratch grinding restore. There are many types of Art Glass polishing equipment available on the market, but there are issues of under-scratching and under-efficiency. We want to repair the damage to the glass surface of the art, such as scratches on the surface flaws, etc, with a fast, inexpensive and easy-to-handle process. After continuous improvement practice, Tianjin Youlou has finally developed a unique and efficient Art Glass scratch repair system, and this system has been a large number of demonstration and special experiments and success.
Laminated Art Glass because of its good impact resistance and safety, is a kind of safety Art Glass, our country is mainly used for transportation and construction industry. China's sandwich Art Glass products are mainly produced by dry process, with a high degree of mechanization. There are more than 150 existing production lines, of which more than 50 are imported lines. The annual production capacity is about 20 million square meters. In 2002, the output was over 10 million square meters.
In the primary color Art Glass into the Asian markets in Southeast Asia, after analysis, the Art Glass market in India has grown rapidly in the past few years, thanks to the country's rising real estate industry. From a quantitative point of view, the Art Glass container industry accounts for the majority of sales; in terms of value, it is the vast majority of float glass.
In the coming years, the Art Glass container industry will grow more slowly. However, the float glass will continue to grow both in number and value. Specialty Art Glass will see tremendous growth over the next five years. In addition, due to the growth of real estate, infrastructure development, retail industry, automobile sales, food and beverage industry, the Indian Art Glass market will grow at a compound annual growth rate Reached 14.7%.