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How Does The Tempered Glass Compete For Development?
- Aug 22, 2017 -

How does the Tempered Glass compete for development?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, Tempered Glass market competition more and more intense, how to strengthen the Tempered Glass industry in the development of competition?

1, reform and innovation, breakthrough development

In the fierce domestic and international market competition, the Tempered Glass industry should maintain its own advantages, and adhere to the original road, put an end to drift. Continue to innovate and break through the bottleneck of development, so as to grasp the market's right to speak and take the initiative to achieve sustainable development.

2, industrial restructuring, seeking development

With the development of the times, the traditional industries need to keep pace with the times, the industrial transformation to seek new development, there is no backward industry, only backward production methods. China's Tempered Glass industry is to play as the basic advantages of traditional industries, but also continue to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, improve the competitiveness of high-end products market, the early realization of labor-intensive to technology-intensive industries transition, shortening and international steel industry advanced Level gap.

3, to enhance productivity and competitiveness

Tempered Glass industry is becoming more and more mature today, how to make the industry have sustainable productivity and competitiveness, is the industry development, business survival must think about the problem. In the product launch, the Tempered Glass enterprises have the resources, such as propaganda means, channel policy, promotional methods, price system, etc. should be tightly integrated, will form its own resource level on the core competitiveness.

Tempered Glass industry is still facing a grim situation. From a macro perspective, on the one hand due to national economic development into the new normal, the pressure of economic downturn is still large. Mainly by investment-driven market demand growth will be very limited, product overweight control the development of quality and efficiency. From the demand, as the Tempered Glass industry, the most important market, the real impact of real estate continued to expand. The current real estate cycle is still in the downstream stage, although many cities have loosened the purchase, loose monetary policy is also conducive to the real estate industry, but the rapid development of real estate has passed, real estate companies are also facing internal structural adjustment and transformation, the corresponding The Tempered Glass industry is also greatly weakened pull.

In the medium and long term, the construction of Tempered Glass market will enter from the number, the scale of the main shift to the pursuit of quality and function of the transition period, from rapid growth to stable long, the market growth is mainly reflected in the traditional market demand structure upgrade and electronic And solar energy, automobiles, home appliances and other emerging market potential of the release. The pace of transition is not fast, these factors determine the quality of the industry in the near future difficult to fundamentally improve. Therefore, the Tempered Glass industry should be to turn the way, adjust the structure of the Tempered Glass industry as the main line and the inevitable requirement. We must guide the industry and enterprises to actively carry out the organizational structure adjustment as the focus of the industrial structure optimization and adjustment of the pace, and vigorously develop the deep processing of products and promote the application process to improve the overall quality of the industry and competitiveness of the industry to improve the pace of technological progress , For the Tempered Glass industry in the period after the real transformation and upgrading to lay the foundation. At present, the development of the Tempered Glass industry is facing both severe challenges, but also face a rare opportunity. In the face of difficulties and challenges, we must have the courage to decide to win, but in the specific work but also down to earth, in the way of work, the whole industry to establish a game of chess ideas, strengthen cooperation awareness, promote the development of the industry. Enterprises should strengthen their ties and services with the government, reflect the industry demands, and strive for favorable policies; key enterprises should actively participate in the standard innovation, policy innovation and transformation and upgrading, technological progress practice, play in the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the exemplary role.