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In Elimination Glass Impurity
- May 11, 2017 -

The glass production needs the high temperature, and can consume the massive energies.Because uses the new technology, the specially made glass central production link - - fining link - - needs the energy may reduce 40%.

Beijing Nuclear engineering Research institute Information department introduced this concept.This craft core composition is a crucible which the thermostable metal iridium makes, it can withstand the high temperature, does not have to cool.

Except that in the fining process, the impurity which in the fusing glass does not need can.The glass melt is heated up in the crucible to 1600℃ by except air bubble.The traditional copper crucible needs to cool in this process.

The new development iridium crucible may withstand the reaching as high as 1750℃ high temperature.By each stove 50 ton production gauges, every year may save approximately 5000 megawatt-hour electricity every day.

At present, this method only is suitable for the aluminosilicate glass.The researcher is applying diligently this method in the borosilicate glass.This kind of economic efficiency more remarkable glass uses in making the oven household utensils and the laboratory glassware.Because this research project tribulus state scientist Schott develops by the German America.