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Primary Color Church Stained Glass Cleaning Methods Have?
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Primary color Church Stained Glass cleaning methods have?
Church glass painting is the most headache cleaning problems, the primary color craft Church Stained Glass glass as an industry leader to provide you with experience that the church under the glass stained glass cleaning methods, learning about slightly:
First, sculpture Church Stained Glass:
Carved Church Stained Glass is made of ice sculpture, sand sculpture, water cutting and other processing into the Church Stained Glass with the characteristics of uneven surface, so after a long period of dust will be plotted on top of this carving Church Stained Glass can be used Scrub with soft cloth and water, but do not use acidic cleaners. Acid cleaners can damage Church Stained Glass.
Second, colorful crystal Church Stained Glass:
Colorful Church Church Stained Glass is attached to the Church of Stained glass surface AB is made, so it is easy to fall off, should be in the cleaning time should pay attention to grasp the appropriate intensity, gently wipe with a soft dry cloth, When scrubbing should also be careful not to use other substances will dissolve the glue.
Third, hollow Church Stained Glass:
Hollow Church Stained Glass partition is made of two layers of Church Stained Glass Church Stained Glass looks different from ordinary tempered Church Stained Glass, so you can use and ordinary Church Stained Glass cleaning the same way, but need to pay attention to is not available Hard touches the Church Stained Glass surface, so as not to cause the Church Stained Glass surface scratches.
Fourth, color the Church Stained Glass:
Color Church Stained Glass generally use a special Church Stained Glass paint made of color, so do not use chlorine-containing cleaning agent, or very easy to color the Church Stained Glass damage, of course, should not use steel ball and other hardness is very High brush brush, paint will be scraped directly.
The primary Church Stained Glass wall not only has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation and wave absorption of the background wall, but also has its unique features. Church Stained Glass Walls Stylish, eco-friendly, widely used and live in the Church Stained Glass wall has become a trend as it can be tailored to the wishes of the consumers with a church of their own unique style painted stained glass wall , But also the Church Stained Glass wall has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, no color change, etc., after years of dust, is still brilliant.
Church Stained Glass wall decoration widely used in commercial offices, hotels, restaurants, restaurants and entertainment venues, both artistic and practical, has now become a wall, walls, TV backdrops, home decoration materials the new darling Crystal clear Church Stained Glass is not the metal material of the cold, without the heavy traditional decoration, its bright and exquisite, light and lively has become the space in the color, the most artistic expression of material.
Church Stained Glass background wall can be used for TV background wall, sofa background wall, entrance, bedroom walls and so on. Some entertainment venues or require wall decoration can choose Church Stained Glass wall.
The Church Stained Glass wall has two aesthetic features on the decorative effect of the space: firstly, it closes the interior and exterior of the enclosed landscape through artistic rebuilding and tacitly reconciling into one body, so that we can indulge in the interior and imitate the outside world Closely related, psychologically develop the depth and height of space; Second, most of the Church Stained Glass wall reflects the organic combination of modern decoration and folk art to form a distinctive aesthetic taste. Also common folk legend figure shape. These Church Stained Glass directly reflects the traditional ethnic culture and transplanted to interior decoration. As a combination of space and environmental art part, greatly improving the quality of space decoration.

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