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Tempered Glass Partitions
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Tempered Glass partitions
The most basic function of the screen is to separate the space to create a "separated from the" effect, making the indoor functional partition more obvious, and do not take up too much space. Nanjing Tempered Glass partition is a more popular way to cut off, it is characterized by small and lightweight, free to move, color and diverse. Then the following we together from the following to understand the advantages of Tempered Glass partition and the attention of the matter it!
Advantages of Tempered Glass screens:
Tempered Glass screen can not only look at the whole home environment, but also look at the home beautiful, taste, and Tempered Glass as a cut off, bright and artistic sense, you can reduce the isolation of the two spaces, visually expand the space area. And in the door on the door using frosted glass, Tempered Glass and other materials to do the entrance, can play a very good decorative effect. At the same time Tempered Glass color, pattern rich and colorful, but also can be customized, so apply to a variety of styles. But the price of Tempered Glass screen is not cheap, one is dozens or even hundreds of dollars, the color of different prices will be different.
Tempered Glass screen Note:
In the home decoration in the use of glass screen, not only conducive to lighting, so that indoor and outdoor landscape as a whole, but also reflects the owner of modern fashion unique temperament. In the common glass partition, the ordinary glass cut off simple and clean, stained glass partition Qingli refined, sandblasting or carved glass partition noble and elegant, crack glass cut off the mysterious mysterious, different visual effects, all are dependent on different materials to create out The
The installation of toilet partition should be noted that the first floor tiles and wall tiles, and then according to the actual size of the toilet partition cut; floor tiles before the installation of water pipes, installation of floor drain; a door frame can block, if there is no door frame but also special installation of the threshold stone; Do not use the slide, because the slide in the area of water and dust is difficult to clean up, a long time will be smelly.
To consider the color and style of furniture, choose to match, in order to create a "separated and continuous" artistic effect, and vice versa will destroy the atmosphere of the entire room. Some units more difficult to choose the appropriate screen in the market, you can go to the decoration company or furniture manufacturers tailor-made. Also note that the glass is easy to reflect, in the installation, to fully consider its location will not cause the light source and line of sight conflict.
Currently on the market sales of Nanjing Tempered Glass from the process points can be divided into two types of color painting, color carving. From the processing method is divided into hot melt, die casting, cold processing and other types of paste. If the Tempered Glass products using paste technology, we must pay attention to paste the glue used and the degree of sizing, identification method is to see whether the bright side of the paste, plastic area is full. In the purchase also to observe whether the glass inside the production of residual hand stains, water stains and black spots.
It is the unique effect of Tempered Glass in space decoration to conquer the hearts of many designers, but also won the favor of the vast number of consumers. Tempered Glass is almost everywhere in the interior space, has become a very favored interior decoration elements, background wall, partition, ceiling, screen ...
Such as the use of Tempered Glass to do the ceiling, you can first install the central lighting in the ceiling, and then use a large and a small two tiles of glass hanging hanging, a large piece of the end, a small piece to do the surface. Tempered Glass shape is the best irregular, such as S-shaped, bevel, etc. can be, so that the ceiling is so beautiful. In the 'ceiling' to cover the lamp with painted glass, so that the light is more 'unfathomable' mystery. The basic color to light green, light blue, light yellow, light as well, colorless glass plus lanterns its changing beauty can not be made. Some people ceiling decorated with painted jade glass decoration, this stained glass fine texture, like a river spring water, look like a jasper, near to see is clear and transparent. Accompanied by green lights, grass green tiles, coupled with the painted forest, landscape, flowers and birds and other patterns, glass embossed screen, giving the spirit of ease and cool comfortable comfort. Tempered Glass special decorative effect more and more loved by many families.