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Tempered Glass Will Be A Major Innovation In Smart Hardware
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Tempered Glass will be a major innovation in smart hardware
Tempered Glass is currently the main application in the electronics industry in the window protection of Tempered Glass and panel display substrates. Protection of Tempered Glass is currently stable supply, into the stable price reduction stage, the overall sales of the need for industry innovation catalyst. Tempered Glass substrate is the core material, whether it is TFT, LTPS or the recent hot OLED, are inseparable from the needs of Tempered Glass.
After a month of industry research, we believe that the Tempered Glass will be the future, including mobile phones, including smart hardware, a major innovation, especially the appearance of structural innovation. Tempered Glass exterior parts have been used in a variety of intelligent hardware, the future space is huge, complex structure to bring space far beyond the current cover! The future is expected to cooperate with wireless charging, optical sensors and other applications. Tempered Glass cover from the earliest 2D to 3D upgrade, the future of the surface display is expected to be used in a large number of smart phones, OLED is also a flagship mobile phone 3D cover a large catalyst. Surface Toughened glass is currently priced at about three times the unit price of traditional stamped glass, smartphone growth rate fell sharply, the positive 3D Tempered Glass penetration will bring significant growth in the industry.
We need to pay attention to the design of double-sided Tempered Glass, according to the industrial chain to determine, 3D back cover is expected to be the new international customers will use the new program, Tempered Glass → metal → Tempered Glass is a cyclical change in fashion! Ceramics because of the problem of the future may not be the best solution, 2.5D + 3D is expected to become the mainstream design next year. According to next year, large international customers may use 3D Tempered Glass back cover, other manufacturers are expected to follow up high-end models, is expected to add at least 20 billion market. 18 years the market space will be doubled again! Smart phones to see Apple, Apple recently in the double-sided Tempered Glass accumulation of a number of patents, involving the integration of non-porous back cover design.
The earliest investment opportunities for Tempered Glass will be equipment. We in the previous "from the construction of the project in the glimpse of the leap, the financial statements tell us what" focus on the relationship between construction in progress and the company's revenue growth, the essence of the innovation cycle of the electronics industry is the problem, is the product innovation -> capital investment -> innovation Landing this big logic. With the two years of intelligent hardware upgrades, the equipment update cycle is two years, end customer capital spending and equipment suppliers will appear cyclical growth. Especially if the international manufacturers a year update, it will lead to greater demand for equipment. 3D Tempered Glass core equipment is expected to appear OLED evaporation equipment, tight sales, bending machine is one of them. According to our estimates of the industry space, is expected to one year equipment sales space of nearly 10 billion!
Unit-type Tempered Glass curtain wall is the aluminum alloy skeleton, Tempered Glass, pads, insulation materials, shock and waterproof materials and decorative fabrics and other components in advance in the factory with a combination of iron attached to the curtain wall unit, with a special transport To the construction site, and then in the field hoisting assembly, directly with the building structure to connect the Tempered Glass curtain wall.
Frame-type Tempered Glass curtain wall is the processing of the finished parts of the workshop, transported to the site, in accordance with the construction process one by one will be installed on the building structure, the final completion of the curtain wall installation.
Advantages of the unitated Tempered Glass curtain wall:
① curtain wall quality easy to control
② site construction is simple, fast, better management.
③ can accommodate larger structural displacement.
④ better waterproof performance.
⑤ easier to achieve high-performance curtain wall requirements.