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Tempered Glass Will Be A Major Innovation In Smart Hardware
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Tempered Glass will be a major innovation in smart hardware
Tempered Glass is currently the main application in the electronics industry in window protective Tempered Glass and panel display substrates. Protection of Tempered Glass is currently stable supply, stable price cuts into the stage, the overall increase in sales need to catalyze the innovation of the industry. Tempered Glass substrate is the core material displayed, whether it is TFT, LTPS or the recent hot OLED, are inseparable from the demand of Tempered Glass.
After a month of industry research, we believe that Tempered Glass will be a major innovation direction for smart hardware in the future, including mobile phones, especially the innovation of the appearance structure. Tempered Glass appearance pieces have been used in a variety of intelligent hardware, the future huge space, complex structure brings space far beyond the current cover! The future is expected to cooperate with wireless charging, optical sensors and other applications. Tempered Glass cover from the earliest 2D to 3D upgrade, the future is expected to surface display will be widely used in smart phones, OLED is also a flagship mobile phone 3D cover a major catalyst. Surface Tempered Glass unit price is about 3 times the traditional cover glass price, the sharp decline in the growth rate of smart phones, the positive penetration of 3D glass will bring a significant increase in the industry.
We also need to pay more attention to the design of double-sided Tempered Glass, according to the industrial chain to judge, 3D back cover is expected to be a major international new customers will adopt the program, Tempered Glass → → Tempered Glass metal → → → periodic interpretation of the evolution of fashion! The problem of ceramic because of the crack may not be the best solution in the future, 2.5D + 3D is expected to become the mainstream of next year's design. According to the big international customers may adopt 3D Tempered Glass back cover next year, other manufacturers of high-end models are expected to quickly follow up, is expected to add at least 20 billion market. 18 years of market space will be doubled again! Apple innovations look at Apple, Apple recently accumulated a number of patents in the double-sided Tempered Glass, involving the integration of non-porous back cover design.
To make it cool forming, Tempered Glass material generally dissolved after the formation of liquid viscous liquid combustion. Most of the use of blowing method, the use of a variety of material models, such as wood, clay, metal and other pre-made required type device, the molten glass into the liquid model, to be cooled and then open the model Serve, Generally used to blow glass can not be made of equipment, most of the factories have adopted this method, you can mass production.
The other is the blow molding method, that is, Tempered Glass, that is, remove the right amount of Tempered Glass solution, placed in one end of the iron pipe, while blowing air, while rotating, and skilled techniques, the use of scissors or pliers to shape . It is also limited to write the melted hot Tempered Glass paste into a block that is pressed into the patterned pattern. The model into the depth of moderate sand jet acetylene sand to prevent sand avalanche in the Tempered Glass paste into the sand mold to be Tempered Glass slightly cold and then remove the cold after grinding.
The earliest investment opportunities for Tempered Glass will be equipment. Prior to this, we focused on analyzing the relationship between construction in progress and revenue growth of the Company. The essence of this is the issue of alternative cycle of innovation in electronics industry. It is product innovation-> capital investment-> innovation The big logic of landing. With the massive upgrade of smart hardware in two years, the update cycle of equipment is two years, and the terminal customer capital expenditures and equipment suppliers will all have cyclical big growth. In particular, if the international manufacturers update each year, it will lead to greater demand for equipment. Remanufacturing of 3D Tempered Glass core equipment is expected to occur due to the tight sales of OLED deposition equipment. According to our calculation of the industry space, it is estimated that one year equipment sales space nearly 10 billion!