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Use Curve Tempered Glass To Create A Stylish Room
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Use Curve Tempered Glass to create a stylish room
Many people in the decoration, like to choose Curve Tempered Glass, because this crystal clear Curve Tempered Glass no metal material cold, and no traditional decoration of the heavy, translucent, light and lively, in the reinforced concrete city, living in the home Of the harbor, to create a unique path of the heart of the unique scenery, a young family to pursue the trend of the new darling.
At present, in many families, like to use Nanjing Curve Tempered Glass to do Curve Tempered Glass TV wall, or restaurant backdrop, for the room has brought a strong modern. This selection of Curve Tempered Glass as the backdrop of the main material gradually become a fashion. In terms of decoration effect, Curve Tempered Glass background wall with a mirror and flat the different decorative effect, because of exaggerated unique shape and can be very modern, attractive and imaginative.
In the decoration market, the reporter found that with the previous few years, the exaggerated charm of the relief Curve Tempered Glass different, the current popular new Curve Tempered Glass more emphasis on the use of color, color, texture and other elements of a comprehensive highlight of the traditional culture Charm.
From the color, black and white and other neutral colors began to host, to calm, low-key, introverted and there is no lack of elegant image of the eye-catching; and the pattern is Chinese painting, ink effect, bamboo pattern popular. Designers Zhong Yimin said that the Chinese style Curve Tempered Glass elegant style, color and pattern are more pleasant, applicable to a variety of styles of the room, can be used as a backdrop, screen, broken as decoration and embellishment.
For example, nowadays popular Chinese style series of screens, with the light of the green gray as the main tone, the use of silk wire technology will be delicate silver wire embedded in the light gray Curve Tempered Glass board, plus faint ink painting landscape, lotus pattern, create There is still a partial concealment of the graceful feelings.
Curve Tempered Glass, a Chinese-style style that is not so high for Chinese style, Chinese, Southeast Asian and Chinese and Western style can be used, but for modern simplicity it is possible, but pay attention to the color In general, no matter what style, the whole space of the base color should not be too clear, can be used with white walls and low color color scheme, furniture, fabric color and Curve Tempered Glass echo, and then local bright, Can generally enhance the style of the entire home space. "In general, the mirror Curve Tempered Glass is more suitable with stone, leather and other materials with, can better contrast room atmosphere elegant or stylish avant-garde atmosphere. Brown, and other dark mirror Curve Tempered Glass suitable for post-modern style or metal furniture, leather sofa, more able to express the personality of the post-modern style; cloth is suitable for a new fabric with a sense of gloss, the pattern can be used with solid Or geometric patterns, the overall style of more avant-garde personality.
Curve Tempered Glass overall style in the cool with a sense of elegance, suitable for European classical or neo-classical style with the furniture, but pay attention to the color is not too complicated, like a little cool with black and white, looks simple and Fashion; like luxury, you can try dark red, dark blue and other colors of furniture and fabric with, will be very aristocratic atmosphere. If you want some more luxurious space, with fabric fabric can choose velvet, silk; if you want to create a retro style with retro style, with a little simple linen fabric can also be.
 Although Curve Tempered Glass is the wall, the top surface has other materials do not have the sense of permeability, but fragile, poor sound insulation is also very prominent, before deciding to use, the main should consider the situation at home, such as whether there are children, and Whether the impact of privacy on the family can accept, etc. In addition, the use of different parts of the Curve Tempered Glass also need to pay attention to the use of Curve Tempered Glass types and Curve Tempered Glass area, such as the ceiling should not use a large area Curve Tempered Glass.
Curve Tempered Glass should be safe
Curve Tempered Glass in home improvement is a lot of benefits, but also pay attention to its disadvantages. In particular, pay attention to the attention of Curve Tempered Glass security issues. Installation requirements to be fixed and strong, to avoid improper installation caused by the elderly, children's injury.