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What Are The General Principles Used By Tempered Glass?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

From the Tempered Glass processing industry, Tempered Glass applications include design, installation, etc. should be determined in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulations.
First of all, designers should recognize the different characteristics of Tempered Glass, according to Tempered Glass layout size, the impact of broken after the occurrence of secondary disasters, whether there are other functional requirements and other factors to choose the most suitable Tempered Glass varieties.
Second, Tempered Glass applies different loads and locations to withstand different loads. Tempered Glass should be used for strength and stiffness calculations under the corresponding load. For use on construction, Tempered Glass curtain wall is available as "Tempered Glass curtain wall engineering technical specifications "JGJ 102 to calculate and to meet its design requirements, other parts of the Tempered Glass" Tempered Glass Application Technical Code "JGJ 113 for wind pressure design, anti-human impact safety design, anti-Tempered Glass thermal blow design and calculation Meet its design requirements. Tempered Glass Stiffness and Strength There is a non-compliant requirement that the Tempered Glass can not be used at the same time, should be combined with the use of different focus, sound insulation performance design, thermal insulation design, security design, fire design calculations.
It is not worth noting that the higher the security, the more functional, and therefore the higher the cost of Tempered Glass is a good Tempered Glass. The right way to choose Tempered Glass is to: Safety and functionality to meet the design requirements, while its cost is as low as possible, good economy, is a scientific and reasonable choice.
In addition, Tempered Glass's reliability issues must be considered. Tempered Glass in the use of the process often accidents, such as automatic burst, strength and performance with the use of time and so on, therefore, the world of Tempered Glass reliability and service strength under the state of the attenuation are very important Tempered Glass's strength design, reliability and stability analysis, on-line testing of residual strength, and so on. Such as the United States, Solutia Inc. and the Japanese water company, respectively, in the study of the cavity at the same time as the laminated Tempered Glass reliability research work. The recent study of the new high-strength film aims to increase the bond strength of the film, thereby increasing the overall reliability of the laminated Tempered Glass.
In short, with the improvement of people's living standards, security issues more and more people get more attention, eliminate or reduce hidden dangers, strengthen prevention become an inevitable trend. According to the Tempered Glass processing industry, Tempered Glass is truly safe only with the joint efforts of researchers, producers, designers, users, and government agencies.
According to Tempered Glass processing, Tempered Glass raw materials processing industry requirements for raw materials, raw materials, quality requirements, easy processing, low cost, can be a large number of supply, less use of light and human health, environmentally harmful raw materials, refractories The erosion is small and so on. Requirements are as follows:
l, the quality requirements of raw materials
The quality requirements of raw materials include the chemical composition of raw materials, mineral composition and particle composition and other indicators. First, the main chemical composition of the raw material impurities must be in the control of the scope of harmful impurities, especially the milling content must be within the specified range. Followed by the mineral composition of raw materials and particle composition must meet the requirements, colored and refractory mineral content is low. Once again the quality of raw materials to be stable, chemical composition of small fluctuations, reserves should be rich.
2, easy processing
The processing performance of raw materials is related to the choice of processing equipment and Moxun, Tempered Glass's iron content and the quality and cost of the level. According to Tempered Glass processing, such as the selection of easy processing of raw materials, not only can reduce equipment investment, and can reduce production costs. Such as quartz sand and sandstone, if the quality of quartz sand is not required to use sandstone. Because the quartz sand as long as the screening and selection can be applied, and sandstone to go through the calcined crushing and other processing process using sandstone, the processing equipment investment and production costs are relatively high, so the conditions permit, should Try to use quartz sand.