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Why Do You Want To Use Art Glass Mirror To Do The Background Wall
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Why do you want to use Art Glass mirror to do the background wall
May be mentioned glass, our first reaction is the window. In fact, with the modern glass processing technology and technology to improve the glass from the practical function of the gradual evolution to the decorative, our common decorative glass mirror glass, stained glass, metal glass, carved glass. And for the TV backdrop material is the main fight mirror Art Glass glass, Art Glass glass in the decorative style of the use of relatively simple, often used in modern style design.
So, today's experts to take you to look at the art of glass mirror some common sense it
Environmental health
Art Glass background wall due to the special nature of its raw materials, will be more environmentally friendly, no formaldehyde, no radiation, you can rest assured that the installation.
Brush latex paint the walls of the general about two years there will be cracking situation. Especially in some dry cities in the north. And paving the art of glass backdrop is not possible to crack the wall, unless the wall as a whole cracked.
Easy to clean
Whether the scrubbed latex paint can not be cleaned with a wet towel, and the Art Glass backdrop is a glass surface. General stains are cleaned with a semi-wetted or dry, colorless towel, or wiped with glass water can.
Lasting color
General brush dark latex paint or wallpaper wall a year or two after the color will have a greater change, but the Art Glass background wall glass color is not easy to fade.
Long life span
By the experts to test Art Glass mirror background life of at least 20 years or more, not Alice, do not fall off, do not fade oxidation resistance, always as new. Latex paint and wallpaper life in 3-5 years, there Alice, shedding, yellowing, aging, moldy and other phenomena, 20 years to do at least 4 times, not only increased the cost and manpower and material resources, and each replacement are In constant high concentrations of repeated pollution in the indoor environment. But Art Glass mirror is a one-time investment, life-long benefit.
Not easy to damage
Usually a slight collision or side touch is not scratched, in addition, if the family has children, children like graffiti on the wall, sticky stickers, Cai Sheng Art Glass background wall is not afraid. General water-based color pen can be easily removed, paste the stickers are also very easy to peel down.
Installation and construction is easy
Are customized according to the size of the customer, as long as the order in accordance with the layout of the drawings like a very simple and convenient. Generally sell back the wall of the business will provide professional construction, a wall, 30 minutes to finish, even if the replacement of the backdrop does not affect the living.
Decorative effect is strong
Art Glass background wall rich colors, but also with a different texture is a pattern, the decorative effect is very good. According to the bedroom, living room, restaurant, children's room and other different regions, different styles.
Generally used in the whole piece of Art Glass mirror, on the one hand can beautify the mirror to facilitate the workers can avoid the construction due to burr and injury; can be divided into large bevel or 45 ° edge, Art Glass mirror back wall through the grinding edge can Add a lot of Aura, so that the backdrop becomes more refined; color with wave edge, and instantly increase the Art Glass mirror backdrop romantic feelings, but because of the complexity of the process, edging prices are higher; such as stars flashing, On the silver jade sand original film, making the Art Glass mirror backdrop simple and generous, beautiful romantic, and the size of the head is similar to the lightning side.